Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dalawang Bayani - Big Thank You!

ALBTPM - at Teatrong Mulat's lobby.   

Our first showing of Dalawang Bayani taught us two important things (and a lot of small lessons in between). The first important thing is that nothing ever turns out as planned. The second is that even if nothing turns out as planned, you can still make circumstances work for you if you are flexible, creative, and... cheerful!

We initially planned two shows on September 8, but the schools we invited suddenly scheduled some make-up classes for that day. As it was too late to invite other public schools, we decided to move the morning show to November 30, 2012, at 3pm.

Meantime, September 8's 3pm show pushed through: Teatrong Mulat ng Pilipinas performed the shadow play Ang Pagong at ang Tsonggo and the bunraku-style Dalawang Bayani, as well as treated the kids from Center for Peace Asia to a short demo on puppetry. They all loved it!

Before the show...

...looks like everyone's excited!

Cello's Doughnuts donated 10 boxes of their cute and delicious cocktail doughnuts for us to sell outside the theater, delighting the kids (and kids at heart) after the puppet show.

We're Cello's "employees" for the afternoon! ^_^

A chance to be generous
As you can see from the pictures, many kids who would not have had the chance to watch an educational and cultural show were able to experience puppetry and learn something new about history and the arts because of the pledges of generous people. The good news is the chance is still here! You can still sponsor an underprivileged child to watch this eye-opening puppet show on November 30, 2012, Bonifacio Day, for free.

Tickets are pledge cards that may be bought for Php 300, 500, 700, or 1000, depending on whether you wish to Share a Step, Go in Strides, Take a Leap, or Fly a Catechist to Brazil respectively. This is a fundraising for the 2013 World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil--proceeds will help send a CatC:H catechist to Rio--and at the same time it is an outreach event that will help underprivileged children and public school students to appreciate their national heritage.

Big thank you! 
Thanks to all the people who made this show possible with your generous support. You made many kids happy!

Albert Donado
Alvin Donado
Amalea Dulcene Nicolasora
Amy Villanueva
Angela Aninao and friends
Apollo Marco Lizano
Arra Labadan
Belle Gonzales
Carmela Castro
Cecil delos Santos
Chelle Batalia
Cherryanne Cristobal
Christian Cruz
Dan Ramirez
Diana Buenaventura
Edlyn Santiago
Egoy Gomez
Elise Cruzada
Gabi Francisco
Ghiselle Villorente
Gino Garcia
Grace Floria
Honey Cruz-Grapa
Isis Bautista
Jena Pastor & Xoce Divina
Jennifer Alambra
Joy Indrinal
Judith Octavo
Julie Ann Icotanim
Kitchie May Sumaylo
Kris Monzales
Laarni Capistrano
Laura Tumala
Laurice Juarez
Leddie Agoncillo
Ley Lacar
Lexie Estacio
Loribelle Ribleza
Lydia Aclan
Mae Servanillo
Mai Marsangca
Malou Magbojos
Maricar Pimentel
Mark Louie Gomez
Meyn Marasigan
Michelle Angelo
Natasha Bautista
Nerie Montuya
Noriza Loisa Castillo
Norman Baes
Olay Lackar
Raul Chavez
Richard Lasam
Richie Cruz
Rino Paez
Rossana Sandagon
Shane Custodio
Shasha Vargas
Sonny Espiritu
The Mulat cast at the curtain call. Applause!
Sofia Movlazadeh
Tata Francisco
Teresa Gomez

Of course, a big thank you, too, to Teatrong Mulat ng Pilipinas, without whom we wouldn't have a show. Thank you for a great show! :-)

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